Artist’s statement about the Post-its, from “Noise,” a Beacon Artist Union show in 2006:
In managing my daily life, I accumulate many visual fragments, scribbled reminders, and leftover notes, which can generate their own entities and serve as their own aesthetic expressions when looked at out of context. They are not planned or foreseeable, and they initially fulfilled another purpose altogether. I have termed this series and this process “self-creating.”

Here a letter that the art critic Christopher Chambers wrote 1999 to Devon Dikou, the founder and editor of ZINGMAGAZINE (see also TO-DO-LIST "2014-07-10 BERLIN back"). Needless to say, the To-Do-List project, started 1995, is still going on and on and on... March 25, 1999, Dear Devon, I write to propose a curatorial project for Zing. The artist, Egon Zippel, has expressly forbidden me to send xeroxes, so my words will have to suffice. Essentially the work falls into the category of drawings. What they are is selections from "to do lists" which have been compiled over at least five years during which time Egon resided in and traveled to several different countries. Consequently, his personal notes and scribblings are in a variety of languages. Interspersed throughout are diminutive sketches for artworks, doodles and an assortment of stains. They are on choice documents involving international bureaucratic regulations such as immigration papers, application for a marriage license, or consignment forms for artworks. At times the juxtapositions of absurdities are pretty funny, but there is also a more serious element - like a world-weary diary. Sincerely, Christopher Chambers All To-Do-Lists are either on letter-size paper (8.5" x 11", 21,6 cm x 27,9 cm) or on DIN A4 paper (21 cm x 29,7 cm, 8.3" x 11.7"). The "title" shows when and where a To-Do-List was finished. Self-creating (or self-fulfilling for that matter) for the same reason I described in the Post-Its statement...

I term these drawings “blind” as they were made with a marker, with my eyes closed. To make matters even more interesting and unpredictable, I did not draw straight lines, but deviated into ornamentally distorted lines. The subsequent filling of the shapes with black paint was accomplished afterwards, with eyes open.